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a thousand miles to go
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Date:2006-12-23 20:07
Subject:hello all in LJ land
Mood: content

peep this:

Peace on earth and mercy mild,
God and headthug reconciled.

Hark The Herald Angels Sing
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

A MerryPeacefulJoyfullHappy Christmas to each and every one of you :)

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Date:2006-11-03 14:27

“If everything is under control, you aren't driving fast enough.”
-Mario Andretti

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Date:2006-09-21 11:19
Subject:YouTube, use wisely
Mood: cheerful

check out the following link:


two songs: "I can only imagine" and "Can i live?"

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Date:2006-09-19 16:00
Subject:sieb, thanks for posting about SD

i just wanted to put this short quote from the Statement of Facts in opposition to planned parenthood in the Planned parenthood v. south dakota case.

"There is a complete consensus on the biological facts that are scientifically verifiable that the human embryo or human fetus is an entire human organism and is a member of the species Homo sapiens (as admitted by Dr. Ball on her own behalf and on behalf of Planned Parenthood). The fact that the Plaintiffs, their experts and some researchers for their own ideological purposes prefer not to use the term human being does not alter the scientific facts or alter the fact that the term human being is the only available appropriate term to refer to a member of the species Homo sapiens. Human being is not a “religious” term. It is used by scientists in scientific texts and lay persons alike."


it's worth reading the whole thing, which i hope to get to at some point:

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Date:2006-08-18 18:39
Subject:worth posting. comments appreciated.
Mood:movin' and shakin'

check out this link:



Melissa henson's wedding tomorrow!

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Date:2006-08-15 22:59
Mood:ready for bed

emotions were running quite high on the bus trip back from Mississippi. it's one of those times when if you dont process and talk about it you might burst into a million pieces.

i could never have imagined the sort of impact this trip would have on all of us...not just the "kids", but the adults too. when we drove down the street in gulfport which runs right along the water, i kept thinking, "is anyone else seeing what i'm seeing?" mile after mile of empty lots, bent trees, abandoned buildings that havent been torn down yet. sure, in the distance there were some fema trailer parks (deemed "fema farms"), and some properties left, but even the houses that remained had a trailer right beside them. a lot of the houses arent liveable yet. in AMERICA.

one of our residents, miss sarah, really opened up and shared with us the struggles her family has had in life over the past year. her and mr. david's bedroom needed insulation and drywall (as a start)...but what she really needed was people to listen and talk with her. even after a year, there is anger and hurt just below the surface. on top of all that, in the middle of the week her 40 year old son had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. i'll never forget when she asked me if i had brought "them beads" with me. "could your group pray that for my son? now, i'm not Catholic, but my two children are. i know that's what he would want right now." so we prayed the rosary on the ride home...and we prayed it with everything that was in us.

one thing i love about workcamps is that you work so hard, pray so hard, sweat buckets (esp. in MS), and when you think you can't get up in the morning, you do it all over again. that's our Lord. that's our Savior who gives us strength when there's nothing left. why can't i depend on Him like that every day?

so on the ride home, i watched as each person got up to say something about their experience. poor alissa couldnt get much out aside from, "i just love you guys..." before bursting into tears. i may have choked up a little too, especially considering that is my last official duty as the youth minister for St. Jane's.

i wouldn't have had it any other way.

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Date:2006-08-13 12:57
Subject:Riding the storm

this is something i wrote for the website after our second day of being in biloxi:

Today after we were finished at the work site, we took a few minutes to visit the old site of St. Thomas the Apostle in Gulfport. St. Thomas was located right on the water, not even a quarter mile from the gulf. As we drove up, I couldn't believe my eyes. Completely obliterated. The church, the school, the parish center. The only thing holding the roof up was a few sturdy poles that withstood the storm.

I will never forget standing in what used to be the sanctuary. So many memories happened there: weddings, baptisms, funerals, Masses. The sound of hanging piping and twisted metal clanking in the wind will stay with me for a long time to come.

As I walked around the grounds, I noticed a small grotto with a statue of our Lady. A bright, shining sign of hope in the midst of blatant devastation. I sat down to pray and after a few moments felt a new surge of hope. After the night, morning comes . . . after death comes Resurrection.

The people here will and continue to pick up the pieces and move along with the Lord's help. I can't understand and will never truly know all that has happened, but I pray that we can learn from the good people here: sometimes Jesus calms our storms, and sometimes He rides the storms out with us.


a lot more processing needs to be done after such an intense week, but for now, i need to switch gears. Postulatum awaits one week from today!

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Date:2006-08-03 10:04
Subject:"ridiculous extravagance of God's creation"
Mood: chipper

i read that the other day and loved it. it's something that Nichole nordeman said in an interview. :)

sometimes God gives graces and we don't recognize it. other times the blessings just pour out and we feel like we might explode. i've had many experiences of the latter over the past week.

you see, i'm almost finished up at St. Jane Frances and most of the official goodbyes have had to happen already. [we're heading down to biloxi, MS on saturday for a week and then the following week i'm only going in to clean out my office]. the last youth group meeting was absolutely amazing: food, fun, friends, the teens. they made a scrap book that had this year's pics and individual letters that they had written to me. also, they put together a rosary that had all different kinds of beads [we're talking wicked funky beads] that each of them had picked out. i'll never fall asleep saying the rosary again!

i'm not gonna lie, it was nice to know that they love me and are happy for me. i'm really gonna miss those hooligans.

the Biloxi Workcamp trip is less than 2 days away and everyone is SO EXCITED. last night was the final meeting before the trip. check out the website one of the teens made: http://www.freewebs.com/biloxiworkcamp/ it is freakin' awesome!

anyway, i will be back in NoVA for my "home visit" from August 21-27. give me a call if you wanna hang out while i'm there!

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Date:2006-07-18 21:13
Subject:charron family reunion
Mood: restless

last weekend we went to the official Charron Family Reunion 2006, in beautifully tacky Branson, Missouri. we actually stayed on Table Rock Lake, which is absolutely gorgeous. the boats, the breeze, the jokes...overall, it was pretty great. i could have done without the relentless "nun" references that many an extended family member made, but i suppose that's the way it goes when people dont really understand what would possess a person to do such a thing. interesting how it can come from seemingly informed Catholics.

anyway, what i really want to reflect on is my interactions with my uncle Bob. he's the one that broke his neck last year [i did ask the LJ crowd to pray intensly for that]. Bob's recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. within seven months, he has learned to walk, talk, drive, and pretty much function like a "normal" person. it really is unbelievable that he's come this far! there were several instances when we chatted about those days in recovery, the times when he wanted to move, his mind trying to will the body to move, and...just..nothing. those times when all he could do was wiggle his toes. the moments when all he could do was cry.

in some way i almost felt special that he let me in on parts of that, even though he's been fairly open about the whole thing. he even goes back to the hospital to visit people who have suffered from severe neck injuries. i hope i never have to understand what such a situation would be like, but what a beautiful gift it is to be able to completely relate with someone and give them hope during the times when they are most fragile.

go uncle bob. you rock.

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Date:2006-07-10 08:19
Subject:life lessons
Mood: frustrated

- "holding onto resentment is like putting a gun in your mouth and hoping the other guy gets killed."

- take a break

- pray. even if it stops being fun

- beware of worshipping the trini-ME ("me, myself and i"). [praise the holy trini-ME; holy, mighty, uni-ME] :)

- power is made perfect is weakness.

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Date:2006-06-29 17:09
Mood: ecstatic

:::sigh of relief:::

so, St. Jane Frances has finally hired someone to take my place as youth minister in August. her name's melissa and she's been doing secretarial stuff for SJF for about a year now (plus she has run the Summer Mission program 2 years in a row).

i'm totally psyched for her and for the Youth Ministry program. to be honest, it takes a load off my back because there's not a whole lot of training/getting her acclamated that needs to happen. she knows the kids, has the contacts, and has been around in the year to see the things that have been done.

God comes through every time :)


i had lunch with Sr. Jean the other day to talk Postulancy stuff. more discernment ahead! i'm wicked stoked about working at the outreach center and volunteering with MSM campus ministry and i got to ask her all the little detail questions like, "how many CDs are too many to bring?" and "so, what are the 'wearing the habit' guidelines when i'm at home?"

weird huh?


this weekend is laura and pete's wedding, which will be so freaking awesome. she is a ballerina and he's a firefighter...can't get any better than that :) and i can't wait to chill with meliss, kar, and ed. LA's 04/05 represent!!

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Date:2006-06-22 22:14
Mood: sleepy

anyone wanna buy a car?


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Date:2006-06-20 19:23
Subject:"whom shall I send?"
Mood:rockin' out

so, this is my new theme song:

Read more...Collapse )

on a related note, my application for Postulancy with the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul has been officially accepted!!

and you'll never guess where my placement is next year (beginning august 19).....

Emmitsburg, MD!! that's right, i'll be living in a house that's on the same property as the Shrine of Elizabeth Ann Seton and the DC Provincial House :) i would have never guessed and yet it's perfect.

also, my ministry will be working at the Seton Outreach Center, which includes a thrift shop and visiting folks in the surrounding area. and, get this, i will be helping out part time in the service sector of the Catholic Campus Ministry of Mount St. Mary's.


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Date:2006-06-08 21:36

vacation in Cape May is less than 2 days away!!! i.can't.wait.

AND i will get to see Meliss!


so much to update on and yet so little time. such is life i suppose :)

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Date:2006-05-26 09:34

Billy Blanks is my hero.

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Date:2006-05-22 22:12
Subject:many updates
Mood: grateful

it has been a wicked crazy week or two. all culminating with the big announcement i made at St. Jane's: by the end of August, i will no longer be the Coordinator of Youth Ministry. why? because, God willing, i will be a Postulant for the Daughters of Charity. you heard me right. :)

hopefully i will have all my application materials in by the end of the month! i've been in the midst of preparations in many ways...thinking, praying, living, loving. i keep being reminded of this one verse from the Good Book. it goes something like, "you have duped me, Lord, and i let myself be duped."

in some sweet, amazing, and gentle way, God has led to this moment. so let's see where this whole thing goes, eh?


today i accidentally dropped my cell phone on the floor and now the screen does not work. if i havent called you, that's why. everyone needs to call me and leave a message with your phone number...i'm starting a list.

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Date:2006-05-19 16:06
Mood: content

celebrate life!

i swung by the national shrine this afternoon. there were missionaries of charity there. it was awesome.

oh, and ps - don't worry, i'm only wacky.

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Date:2006-05-15 19:57
Mood: weird

i fell asleep in front of the Lord today. sometimes i feel mildly guitly about dozing off, but then i think, "hey, what better place is there to rest?"

i finished reading the great divorce the other day. it was the second time i had read it. what an awesome story! i think it's so important to realize how precious our time here really is. we have the opportunity to go through life breathing in every beautiful moment and savoring the bittersweetness of it all...or we can miss the whole point.

another opportunity we have is to let each person we come in contact with know the amazingness of aforementioned life. can we be bold like paul and barnabas? can we step up and be even better? or maybe the better question is: can we let go, become small, and let the Other take over?

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Date:2006-05-12 16:18

everyone should see this website:
it's the funniest thing ever.

i talked briefly with Sr. Revelation this morning. huzzah! i was fully prepared to leave a long message on the machine, when in the middle of me saying, "i heard on the street that you're in the Herald...and so i thought i'd...", there was a HELLO on the other end!

lovely surprises :) i'm not sure between our schedules that i'll see her before the end of august, but i hope it works out.

otherwise, not a whole lot is going on here in good ol' baltimore. that might be a good thing. i'm totally stoked about heading to the parents' house on sunday for mama's day and seeing paul and stacy. paul just had knee surgery, so pray for a quick recovery.

Congrats to all the Mary Wash graduates and i pray that those going on CCM Workcamp will have a superwonderfulprayerfulchallengingfunchanging time. rock on!

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Date:2006-05-05 22:56
Mood: content

Let's be saints, ok?

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